A recap of Student Voice Matters 2021 Survey by Project ID

Student Voice Matters 2021 set out to understand 3 things: the online learning experience for students, student well-being through the pandemic, and how students want to learn going forward. These are our findings.

1. What has the online learning experience been like for Malaysian students?

  • Students are satisfied with the support from school and teachers — empathising with the challenges that their teachers face.
  • Majority of students indicate that they are lacking motivation to learn, and many continue to struggle with inconsistent learning structures & poor internet connection.
  • Many students appreciate the flexibility and accessibility of online learning. …

Student Voice Matters 2021 (Part 1)

Over the past year, we saw remarkable resilience from teachers and students alike to persevere in learning despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.

In 2020, Project ID conducted the Student Voice Matters survey to understand how students are coping with the sudden switch to online learning. We found a majority of students preferred offline (in-classroom) learning. This was underpinned by connectivity issues and inconsistent learning structures.

Since then, recurring school closures have prevented students from returning to normalcy, and virtual classes continue to be the core mode of learning for many students.

Student Voice Matters 2021 (Part 3)

In part 1 of SVM 2021, it was revealed that 3 in 5 students say they want to learn via a combination of offline and online learning. In this third and final instalment of SVM, we explore the nuances surrounding how students say they want to learn in the future. Which online platforms do they prefer to learn on? What type of support should teachers be offering, and in what capacity? Find out below.

1. Students rank Google Meet as their most preferred online learning platform, followed by WhatsApp, Telegram & Zoom.

“(on positives of online learning)… Pembelajaran lebih menarik dengan pelbagai laman pendidikan seperti Portal Delima, Quizizz, Kahoot, Padlet serta Telegram.” -17 year-old male student from Selangor

Student Voice Matters 2021 (Part 2)

In part 1 of Student Voice matters, we looked into our students’ learning experience through the pandemic, highlighting key challenges and positives of learning online.

In part 2, we explore the effects of the pandemic on their well-being, and how we as educators can support them through the mental & emotional challenges of recurring school closures.

1. Students have mixed feelings towards their overall learning experience.

In our previous articles, we spoke about using themes and creating reward structures to incentivise student participation in the classroom. Here, we share some web-platforms that we have found to be useful in our online workshops.

1. Random pickers

In Project ID workshops, we often use a random picker to introduce an element of chance to break the silence. This can be integrated in 2 main ways: (1) to select a student to respond, or (2) as a tool to randomly select a reward when a student actively participates.

In the first installment of our 3-part how to gamify your online class series, we explored ways to create themed classes from fiction. This second article outlines ways to establish creative reward structures online to increase student participation.

1. Score counters & virtual rewards

In Project ID’s recent Young Educators Challenge (YEC) Bootcamp, we put in place a reward structure to reinforce positive student behaviour. The system was simple — for every act of positive behaviour exhibited, a point was awarded to their team .

For instance, a team was given points if one of the members performed an act that was inclusive i.e. …

In our previous article, we outline 3 ways to gamify your online classrooms. Here, we deep dive into what it takes to create a themed online class!

Step 1: Understanding what appeals to your students

It is important that the narrative is relevant and attractive to your students, so get up to speed!

“What are your students excited about?”

“What movies or games are popular?”

A great way is to poll your students — select a few themes that you find to be interesting and ask your students how they would like to learn.

In a recent PID Online workshop, we crafted an entrepreneurship module that was Maze…

Teaching online is hard — we get that. It is frustrating when you’re hearing underhanded comments like ‘Wah, must be nice to be a teacher now, teach from home je’ or ‘Eh teach online, basically don’t need to work right’, when in reality your students are completely disengaged from your classes and with each passing day you grow increasingly worried about their learning.

From our experience running over 70 unique virtual workshops for Malaysian students since the start of the Movement Control Order, we have accumulated some tips & tricks to boost student engagement in online classes.

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